Thursday, August 3, 2017

3D Doodler Pen Tryazon Party!

So I get to try fun products out through a company called Tryazon! It is free to sign up and you get to choose the products you want to test and review for them. They send you the product for free in return for you hosting a party to promote the product and then reviewing how it went. Check them out! This one was a summer water party I held to have friends and neighbors come try out the 3D Doodler pen! It was so fun-the pen is super easy to use, clean, safe, and has tons of options and ways to use it. Today we made glasses that the kids could actually wear. The patterns are simple to follow-everyone had a great experience! I highly recommend this product-find it on amazon and other brick and mortar stores!

Monday, May 15, 2017


"You were chosen to be the mother of your children before the world began, God does not make mistakes."
In Lou of Mother's Day, this quote has brought me peace and confidence during my motherhood adventures...on the days where I feel that I could be doing it better, on the days I feel I fall way short of what I should be, and on the days when we surprisingly find out that we are expecting child number five when we thought we were done with four!! I am thankful for a God who knows and sees the bigger picture. As I have struggled with conflicting emotions about our future, in the quiet of my pondering, I have felt the urgency of this next child to join his/or her siblings here on earth and have felt a sweet nudging of a child who did not want to be forgotten or left behind.
A nd so our crazy will get more crazy this November😁

Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Happiness Project!

I tend to be a glass half empty type of person, pessimism and self doubt often creep in. I don't want to be the Debby downer and I know it is possible to change my tendencies. Sometimes it just seems like too much work.... for now I have the energy to try and I wanted to share an idea that popped into my head the other day that was an answer to my pleading prayers. Just one picture a day taken with my phone of something in my life that makes me happy and is positive. I've been doing this for about a week and I've found that my thoughts have become more focused of the good and positive and I can't take just one picture a day! I've realized that there is much in each day to be positive about and thankful for. Here are a few of my favorite happys so far: Livy my 4 yr old insists we hold hands when we nap together. She says it helps her fall asleep and in seconds she's out. I love her little hand and how it fits in mine. Katie has struggled with learning to read but with LOTS of practice we are making progress and I am proud of her! She helped dan read our scriptures and was able to read 2 verses on her ownGraham LOVES fruit and literally eats it by the handful. This makes me feel like a good mom 😜I finished a thirty minute work out today and am trying to get stronger for hiking trips this spring and summer. And walk no out to see Tavin doing this, this morning makes my heart full. (Praying on his own to start his day right). I've started to share with my sisters and they send me pictures of their happy. The funny thing is, there happy brings me joy and helps me see good too!! So share ur picture of happy and positive with me! Start ur own picture journal of the positive.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Three of Four Walked in the Door in October/November

Three out of my four children were born in the fall months, 2 in October. I often wonder if how u come into the world can predict the way u approach life...Katie, came in a matter of thirty minutes from arriving at the hospital. My water broke on the way to my room and the doctor had to run to make it on time to deliver her. And that is how she approaches life. She is very talented in anything she decides to take on. She asked for roller blades for her birthday this year and was skating in them like a pro after one day. The third day she roller bladed to my dads house across our neighborhood. She has advanced quickly in her tumbling program and is close to getting her Ariel and back flip under her belt. She is lively and vivacious and attacks life. I have no doubt she will find a way to over come her hardships in life and that is a great comfort to me. She has a love and gift for art and a creative streak runs in her veins. But I am most proud of the loving and giving heart she has developed in her seven years of life. We had a Halloween costume party for her birthday celebration. She cared about each person that was there and wanted to make sure everyone was happy and having fun. Happy birthday my Katie girl!
Graham was quite the opposite. We waited, ate Popsicle in the hospital room and watched soccer and then waited some more. Then, he made his entrance into my life and with it, he brought so much joy. Fittingly, He is laid back and easy going and such a chubby little man full of happiness and smiles. I stare at him daily and am in awe that I get to have him as mine. He is all boy, loving cars, trucks, trains, planes, and wrestling. He got a train on his special day and hasn't stopped playing with it since! Happy 2nd birthday buddy!


Playing UNO with my kids.
Livy (4): "I change the color to red"
Me: " but Livy, u don't have any red cards"
Livy: "I know...,but red is such a pretty color!"
I think we have a Diva on our hands

Be Kind for You don't know what is really going on behind someones Facade

When going through our photos from our recent vacation together I came across these two pictures-very drastically different from one another...the first one, I knew Dan was taking it and we smiled together and the second was taken right after without me knowing.
Background of these photos-both were taken on a day that I have been anticipating for a year. A year ago in July, I had back surgery after blowing multiple disks in my back giving birth to our most recent child. I could hardly walk or stand without pain. A year later, it is time to take the risk of seeing what my body is capable of-something I have been scared of doing ....what if I can't...
We took on an 8 mile round trip hike and were unprepared-not enough water, little food sustenance, heat and humidity not on our side. We made it to a sand beach 2 miles in-if you went another 2 miles there was a beautiful waterfall. I was feeling good at that point and wanted to push for the waterfall. The trail was strenuous and grueling on my body. And in the second photo it shows a candid reality of what I was really feeling and facing. I was done-yet we had 4 miles still to go before I could be done.
I faced dehydration on the last stretch and could hardly walk-feeling like I would faint any minute and wanting to puke around every turn. We learned our lesson-multiple lessons in fact...
BUT most of all, I wanted to show the stark reality of these two photos. Let us all show more love, more compassion, understanding. Don't just judge someone by the smile they can so easily plaster on-take the time to truly understand what is behind it.
"Be kind-for everyone you meet is fighting their own battle that you know nothing about in this journey called life."
The second photo is one of my favorite pictures of the trip-and although it is blurry I will keep it and frame it for the vulnerability and truth that it shows and for the reminder it gives.

Lessons of a Car Crash and Kind People

I got into a pretty serious car crash Monday Evening...I'm not sharing this for sympathy or attention.... I don't deserve it but that is a lesson for a later time. 
It's actually been a really emotional and hurtful thing for me both physically and mentally. But I just can't get these thoughts off my mind and feel a pressing need to share them for whatever reason that might be:
I was reminded of the raw reality that I am not in invincible, I can be broken. Life can change so is a gift not to be taken for granted. Luckily I was wearing my seat belt but I can tell u that a day won't go by that my kids will ever not wear their seat belt again, no matter how short the drive or how annoying it may be to them.
Second, I am so thankful for kind people. There really is so much good if we look around. As I sat dazed after the impact, I turned my head and watched as two men at the intersection got out of their cars and ran toward me. The one who came to my window had long brown curly hair and a bearded face. He was wearing army pants and a baggy sweatshirt. Instantly he began speaking words of comfort and assurance to me. He assured me that I was now his "homie," put out the burning air bag, and leaned in to turn my car off for me. As I bawled he told me it was ok to cry and reminded me not to move. He assured me that the other car passengers were ok when I begged him to check on them, and he called my husband to tell him what had happened. While we waited for the police, fire truck and ambulance, he told me about his wife and two little girls to keep me calm. And once help arrived, he told them all he knew about me and silently stood on the sidewalk with his sweet family watching me as they took my vitals and checked my body. Despite all the disappointment and chaos right now in the world, I am grateful for him I never got his name.
Last, as the paramedics checked my body, they were shocked to find I was ok with minor bumps, bruises, and burns. They cautioned me to take it easy and that I would be sore. Some might say I am lucky, others might call it a coincidence, but I know there is a god who watches over me and protected me. He is aware of me.
As my husband and kids arrived on the scene, the first thing my little Katie said as she hugged me was, " mommy thank goodness Heavenly Father heard our prayers and u are ok." I'm grateful for the kind policemen who entertained them and gave them stickers to help them not be scared. And I am so thankful they were not in the car with me that night. It is bitter sweet of course, my husband held me as I repeatedly told him I was sorry about his car. He replied with, it's just a car, I didn't like it anyway. I am sad for him but grateful for his love, grateful for divine protection, and grateful for good people.